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Question 1:

I want to add the week number as a separate calendar, but the app gives an error message stating that no calendars found locally or in iCloud, and refers me to the app's support page.

Answer 1:

The app supports iCloud calendars and locally stored calendars. This problem can occur if you have only synced calendars, or if you have enabled iCloud on your iPhone/iPad without enabling iCloud calendar synchronization.

1. If you have iCloud enabled but not activated calendar syncing for iCloud, go to Settings-> iCloud and turn on calendar synchronization. Then you can add the week number as an optional calendar.

If you do not want to use iCloud for calendar synchronization then go back to Settings-> iCloud and turn off calendar synchronization, select "Keep on the iPhone/iPad". Then open the calendar app and check that the "week numbers" and any other calendars that were added when you enabled iCloud is listed under "On this iPhone/iPad". Any other calendars can then be deleted from the iPhone/iPad without affecting iCloud calendars on other devices. The calendar "Week numbers" is now stored locally on the iPhone / iPad.

2. If you do not have iCloud enabled, and you have only synchronized calendars (exchange, gmail, etc) and no locally stored calendars you can add the week numbers as an extra calendar by activating iCloud in iOS settings, or to get iOS to create local calendars as follows:
Go to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your calendar account (exchange/gmail/etc) under "Accounts". Disable calendar for your account and select "Erase from iPhone". Then open the week number app and add week numbers as an extra calendar and check that the new calendar is located under "On this iPhone/iPad" in the calendar app. Then go back to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your calendar account under "Accounts", and activate the calendar again. This restores your synchronized calendar, while "Week number" is preserved locally on the iPhone/iPad.

The reason is that iOS does not allow an app to create a new local calendar database, so the user must ask iOS to do this by removing the synchronized calendar accounts.

Question 2:

Can I change the color of the little gray dots that appear on dates with calendar entries in month view on iPhone iOS7 and iOS8?

Answer 2:

No, unfortunately not. This is how Apple designed the iPhone calendar. The color of the calendar is displayed in week view (turn screen sideways) and in day view.

Question 3:

Is it possible to add week numbers to another calendar than the default one?

Answer 3:

Sure! Go to Settings -> Mail, contacts, calendars and switch default calendar in the "CALENDARS" section. Add week numbers and then you can switch the default calendar back to the one you had before.

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